Our Equipment

Belton Direct Rigging maintains a growing inventory of heavy lift and specialized rigging equipment to accommodate our wide range of services. Whether you require trucks & trailers, cranes, forklifts, jack & slide equipment, gantry cranes, or something more specialized, we’ve got you covered.

"Ron Burgundy"


Versatility is the key when it comes to the FR Series 25/35 Extendable Counterweight forklift. The extendable frame provides additional capacity when needed to give operators the versatility to lift and transport a variety of heavy machinery or other heavy loads.

Capacity: 36,000 lbs
Boom Height: 22’
Width: 60”
Wheelbase: 76”

"The Hulk"

Bristol RS80 Forklift

The Rigger Special 80 is a true industrial high-capacity forklift truck. With a small footprint allowing navigation through tight spaces, it comes with a lifting capacity of 80,000lbs.

Capacity: 80,000 lbs
Boom Height: 22’6”
Width: 101.5”
Wheelbase: 127”


2017 Hiab 477 E8 HiPro Crane

The HIAB XS 477 HiPro is a powerful, superior model enabling efficient load-handling. A flexible solution when operating at long outreaches or handling large, bulky loads at close quarters.

Control System: HiPro
Hydraulic Extension Outreach: 20.8 m
Manual Extension Outreach: 23 m
Weight: 4,911 kg

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