Health & Safety

Safety Is Always Our Priority

Belton Direct Rigging & Industrial Services is committed to providing a safe & healthy work environment for all involved in our projects including employees, contractors and customers. In doing so our goals are to prevent injury, safe guard property and continue to improve upon our health and safety program. 

This requires a collective responsibility from all people involved on our projects. A positive attitude involving support and participation from all levels while working as a team, will achieve this objective.

We are committed to not only providing a safe work environment, but establishing developmental standards for maintaining our sites and equipment. We aim to eliminate physical & health hazards. Belton Direct philosophy is that no job is so urgent that it cannot be done safely. 

Incidents are quite often the result of inefficient planning and operations which can result in not only employee injury, but property and equipment damage and production and schedule disruption. Managers, Supervisors and Foreman are all working towards ensuring each worker is properly instructed to do their work safely, enforcing safe work procedures and regulations; and responding to all unsafe activities or situations. 

All Health and Safety Policies of Belton Direct will apply to all employees at all times while working at a customer’s location, construction site or our own premises. In some cases, additional or stricter policies might be in place, in which all employees must ensure to follow procedures for both Belton Direct and any other company that may be applicable.

It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent, correct or report unsafe conditions and activities. Belton Direct recognizes that all employees have the right, responsibility, and obligation to refuse work when unsafe conditions exist. The control and prevention of incidents will require dedicated participation of all employees, as well as continuous examination by all managers and supervisors. This will require an effort of teamwork and co-operation from all individuals involved in any project.


Ryan Belton & The Belton Direct Team

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